Android Banking App Design for Client


A screen designed for bank’s account opening mobile application.

Through this screen banking executive will have bird’s eye view of all accounts open using this app.

Animation has been imagined as stack of cards of page put over each other person can there by scroll and choose his required card.


Entering details like mobile number & generate OTP to enter in below section.

This screen is one of the few UI / Visual Design Screens designed for Banking Client.

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Job Board App Design for Client

Here is preview for Job Board App Design for Client.

This app is portal where by one can work on errand task posted by employer.

Errand task such as I want to mow my lawn can be undertaken by person on this app who is seeking work.


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Typography Explorations For Letters ‘ae’

While playing with latin letters ‘ae’ I got impression that those same letters are mirror image of each other kept upside down in one row.

So I experimented with predefined font in Adobe Illustrator & then experimented again with geometrical font constructed with basic shapes.

And I got to this image so posting it here on Dribbble.

Do let me know with comments & likes how you feel about it.


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Healing Touch Logotype & Logo Symbol

This is my Logotype Experimentation with combination of two words ‘Healing Touch’ & tried to emphasise on word touch written with finger print of human thumb.

Font used is Helvetica Neue Ultra Light & Bold.


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3C Design Logotype Experiments & Explorations

I experimented with ‘3C Design’ for client.

Here are two design that I created in png format from collection.



Note: Design is creating illusion of 3 parallel line flowing side by side indication of number 3.

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