Typography Explorations For Letters ‘ae’

While playing with latin letters ‘ae’ I got impression that those same letters are mirror image of each other kept upside down in one row.

So I experimented with predefined font in Adobe Illustrator & then experimented again with geometrical font constructed with basic shapes.

And I got to this image so posting it here on Dribbble.

Do let me know with comments & likes how you feel about it.


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Healing Touch Logotype & Logo Symbol

This is my Logotype Experimentation with combination of two words ‘Healing Touch’ & tried to emphasise on word touch written with finger print of human thumb.

Font used is Helvetica Neue Ultra Light & Bold.


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3C Design Logotype Experiments & Explorations

I experimented with ‘3C Design’ for client.

Here are two design that I created in png format from collection.



Note: Design is creating illusion of 3 parallel line flowing side by side indication of number 3.

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Icon Design, Logo & Symbol Design Case Study for Client, A small case study of run away client with design rejects

Background: I meet this two partners who’s ambitions was as great as building social network empire like Facebook & Twitter. At the same time they were dreaming so big that they lost the touch of reality that they don’t have enough money to support their ambitious project so that they can pay designer for their money & work. So they played the card of ‘Your work doesn’t really fit with our project with true spirit’, So they said it in layman’s language that they don’t want to pay me for my work & efforts.


Note: I did not got paid for this project by client but never the less sharing with you all my hard work & efforts

Following are the Icons, Logo & Symbol designed for the clients:

Place Marker Icon


Home / Hut Icon


Connection Icon


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