Mandar Apte’s Personal Project Designed for TATA DOCOMO – A Study of Animation Style

I designed a animation from my own idea for a Telecom Brand called TATA DOCOMO in year 2009. I branded that animation with tite of ‘Life on Air’. Animation was designed just for fun. But I was not satisfied with it.

But in Year 2009, 2010, 2011 I was busy doing job. After I left job & started my own company in year 2011 I got my personal time. So it year 2012 I started working on my own idea to make it final.

So here is the final look,

(Note: I even submitted this animation to TATA DOCOMO but they replied with that they have changed their animation & logo style. So this animation can’t be accepted officially from them. It was ok for me)

Here is the animation:


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