Few Notes & Declaration about my NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with my current & past employers

It seems my all my blog posts published to document my design case studies are more than 1 & half year old & no updates there after.

First thing first I was employed with my related employer for which we mutually exchange NDA (Non Disclosure Document) with each other to keep at most secrecy about our design results & company / business design strategies.

That was the one reason that kept me from posting any design case studies from my past, current employers.


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Welcome to Mandar Apte: A Mumbai Based Art & Design Studio

Hi Everybody,

I welcome you to My Art & Design Studio based in Mumbai, India.

It’s really a great pleasure to have you on board in my own design studio having my own name called Mandar Apte Studio

Projects that we undertake:


As a Design Studio we under take projects based on conceptual Logo & Symbol Designing, Graphic Designing, Static & Dynamic Website Designing, All Print Media related Artworks like Brochures, Leaflets,  Handbooks, Posters, Hoarding & all other Advertising related artworks.


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