Typography Explorations For Letters ‘ae’

While playing with latin letters ‘ae’ I got impression that those same letters are mirror image of each other kept upside down in one row.

So I experimented with predefined font in Adobe Illustrator & then experimented again with geometrical font constructed with basic shapes.

And I got to this image so posting it here on Dribbble.

Do let me know with comments & likes how you feel about it.


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Healing Touch Logotype & Logo Symbol

This is my Logotype Experimentation with combination of two words ‘Healing Touch’ & tried to emphasise on word touch written with finger print of human thumb.

Font used is Helvetica Neue Ultra Light & Bold.


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3C Design Logotype Experiments & Explorations

I experimented with ‘3C Design’ for client.

Here are two design that I created in png format from collection.



Note: Design is creating illusion of 3 parallel line flowing side by side indication of number 3.

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