Digital Graphic Illustration Design Study for one of client Aditej

Here was the brief I received from my client about designing Illustration for them to describe their whole business in single picture,


Brief was something like this:

In recent days, we see lot of pollution everywhere; all natural resources are polluted to extreme edges. Green cover on earth is depleting. Due to global warming rains have decreased and population is increasing around the globe. It is need of time to put efficient management system so that we can achieve sustainability for development…….

Happy Note: My eminent client was so enthusiastic & connected with his own idea that he roughly sketched his idea on paper & emailed me photograph of the same, Which was refreshing to know that clients care about my work.

Project Details:

Client: Aditej
Designer: Mandar Apte
Project: Digital Illustration for various Printing material starting with cloth & bag pack
Computer Applications: InkScape
Color Pallete: Black, White, Grey, Green, Brown

Here are screenshots of how I progressed through each one of the stage,

Starting with:

Preliminary sketch & drawing in colour


Artwork Trial In Vector Graphic Program called InkScape


Final Black & White Artwork designed after review of trials



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