Android Banking App Design for Client


A screen designed for bank’s account opening mobile application.

Through this screen banking executive will have bird’s eye view of all accounts open using this app.

Animation has been imagined as stack of cards of page put over each other person can there by scroll and choose his required card.


Entering details like mobile number & generate OTP to enter in below section.

This screen is one of the few UI / Visual Design Screens designed for Banking Client.


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Flipkart iOS App User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Screens Design Trials, A trial project by Mandar Apte

I have tried designing UI & UX screens for Flipkart iOS App.

Here are the results:

First UI Screen: Sign in

When user first time downloads the App from AppStore & opens it up he will be presented with sign in screen. User has two sign in with options using Google of Facebook Account. User can sign in with existent id or create new id. Skip button will allow user to browse & use app without hesitance & without bothering him to create ID or sign in to use App.


Second UI Screen: Browse

When user sign in he will be presented with curated featured content for his test. Screen has image slider if user is female she will be presented with featured content for female genders & vice versa.


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iOS Video App Mockup Design Study by Mandar Apte

I was going through the idea that how one of india’s popular television channel’s proprietary iOS App implementation will look like?

So I get started with designing normal brief & decided designing initial three iPad UI screens.

So Imaginary iOS App would require to showcase India’s most popular channel’s daily soap’s episode who they upload online daily & weekly, that same television channel produces several genres of television shows & main stream Hindi, regional language movies.

Screen 01: Home Screen

So First screen should be ‘Home’ screen where user will come across where he taps on iOS app icon, On top Television serials & Bollywood movie main two option will be displayed & sub options as a tab bar, below that with slider of videos & episodes featured per season at bottom.


Screen 02: Browse Shows

One of the main feature of the app where user can browse old & current i.e. recent shows as an search functionality. Screen uses split screen detailed view navigation, Tabs per genre at left & selected show with featured image, description, videos at right.



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Beie for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – A iOS App Icon & User Interface Design Case Study

We are happy to announce few days back we have released our update to our old Beie app.

Beie is now supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

We would write down story behind designing & developing Beie App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Concept & Idea:

Concept 01:

Main concept behind updating Beie was allow user to run it on iPhone and iPod as well as now they should be happy to run it on iPad as well.

Redesigning Beie for iPad main boost behind designing it for iPad.

Concept 02:

Second concept was allow user to easily share their image through social media to their friends & buddies.

So we embedded tweet sheet in user interface so that with just one or two taps people can share their photos on Twitter

Concept 03:

Beie App is now designed with zest of new icons to match new user interface

Concept 04:

App now allow user to contact us directly for App Support Questions within App with E Mail integration.


App Icon Design:


Beie App Icons is designed with iOS7 Grid System



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