Is Really Mac Expensive than Windows? for Using it for Design Workflows – A Design Industry Study

I am talking with my experience in Design industry as I am working for more than 4 years,

I use to use Mac & Windows at Office & at home with Genuine Adobe Softwares which are industry leading applications

What I use to do is images editing, graphic designing, vector & raster artworks designing, animating in Adobe Flash, Web Designing & Web Development in Adobe Dreamweaver… etc.

So here is smart calculation,

On Windows Machine Like Dell It will cost like this to your pocket,

Dell Laptop 35,000 INR + Adobe Photoshop 80,000 INR + Adobe Illustrator 60,000 INR + Adobe Dreamweaver 60,000 INR + AntiVirus Software 5,000 INR = 2,40,000 INR

On Macintosh with latest OSX It will cost like this to your pocket,

MacBook Pro 60,000 INR + Pixelmator 770 INR + TextWrangler 0 INR (FREE from mac App Store) + Inkscape 0 INR (OpenSource Free Application) = 60,770 INR (Plus Security & Virus Free environment of Mac)

You may not know this but buying Pixelmator for just 770 INR smart choice made by me over not buying Photoshop because once you buy Pixelmator you buy it for lifetime, No Hassle like upgrading from CS5 to CS6 or even to CS7 or CS25 if it come in future….

So through my viewpoint being Graphic Designer, Web Designer & Animation Film Designer having Macintosh is Right Choice to Pursue Design Business efficiently.

What is your opinion? Do let me know…

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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