Logo, Symbol & Logotype Design for Aditej by Mandar Apte. A Project Graphic Design & Branding Documentation

Vary happy to share & publish our new project for one of our old client Aditej.

Introduction to Client & Requirements:

Aditej is a small startup concentrating on ‘Geospatial Solutions’ to their client & their other services list also include Engineering Services like CAD (2D & 3D), Material Quantity Takeoffs, Plumbing Consultancy.

As per my procedure I received properly fill up my client questionnaire from Aditej… Few words that strike me a lot in their answers was

Motive Behind having a logo: Better and vibrant representation
Message that you want to convey through Logo: Confidence, accuracy and efficiency

Design Solutions:

So first thought that come to my mind is how you will symbolise the word ‘Accuracy’ & ‘Engineering Drawings’.

Answer somewhat was obvious ‘Pen’ or more precise ‘Fountain Pen Nib’

So I done few sketched through my Wacom Tablet on SketchBook App & Result was something like this:

Step 01: First Digital Sketch


So I was happy & excited with the result So I immediately started to vectorised it with detailed but simple final drawing

Step 02: Vector Drawing of Logo & Symbol was looking like this simple & easy to understand


Step 03: Colour version of logo was with red, brown shiny interpretation of metal that it is made of.


So Now question that remained was how should I write ‘Aditej’ Brand name of Client that should go along with Logo.

Step 04: So I prepared 6 alternate versions that would identify the brand name & it was looking like following Image


Step 05: I was not satisfied with Logotype results & even client we arrived on same answer that something is missing in Logotype. So I prepared following Drawing that uses style of paper folding that would interpret the client’s basic job of Engineering drawings.


Step 06: Colour version of Above Logotype


So I received client’s input next day that he want Logotype not only with ‘Aditej’ but with ‘Aditej Solutions’.

Step 07: I prepared following alternative for client’s test with variants of Letter ’N’ to get word ‘OK’ from client.


Step 08: Logotype option from above options second one was chosen So I prepared colour & black & white version of the same to finish of the project.


Note: Notice that paper or ribbon folding is interpreted differently for letter ’N’


Now, Project was finalised & it was closed with nice result that client loved.

Hope you like above project documentation & get to the know how I design artworks that I do.

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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