Beie for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – A iOS App Icon & User Interface Design Case Study

We are happy to announce few days back we have released our update to our old Beie app.

Beie is now supports iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

We would write down story behind designing & developing Beie App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Concept & Idea:

Concept 01:

Main concept behind updating Beie was allow user to run it on iPhone and iPod as well as now they should be happy to run it on iPad as well.

Redesigning Beie for iPad main boost behind designing it for iPad.

Concept 02:

Second concept was allow user to easily share their image through social media to their friends & buddies.

So we embedded tweet sheet in user interface so that with just one or two taps people can share their photos on Twitter

Concept 03:

Beie App is now designed with zest of new icons to match new user interface

Concept 04:

App now allow user to contact us directly for App Support Questions within App with E Mail integration.


App Icon Design:


Beie App Icons is designed with iOS7 Grid System


User Interface Icon Design

  1. Album: Action – Open Images from Album
  2. Filters: Action – to Apply Filters
  3. Save: Action – to Save images to Album


User Interface Design

User Interface as easy as one or two taps,

Open Image through iOS Photo Album or take any picture from camera & tweak it within app with more than 25 filters.










You can Download Beie app through this link:

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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