Flipkart iOS App User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Screens Design Trials, A trial project by Mandar Apte

I have tried designing UI & UX screens for Flipkart iOS App.

Here are the results:

First UI Screen: Sign in

When user first time downloads the App from AppStore & opens it up he will be presented with sign in screen. User has two sign in with options using Google of Facebook Account. User can sign in with existent id or create new id. Skip button will allow user to browse & use app without hesitance & without bothering him to create ID or sign in to use App.


Second UI Screen: Browse

When user sign in he will be presented with curated featured content for his test. Screen has image slider if user is female she will be presented with featured content for female genders & vice versa.


Third UI Screen: Notifications

Notification screen is where all updates about new offers, delivery notifications will be given.


Fourth UI Screen: Search

Search app screen will have recent searches & list of most searched terms per category


Fifth UI Screen: Checkout

This screen will help user to track their recent purchases by arrival per location & expected date of delivery.


Hope you like it,

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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