iOS Video App Mockup Design Study by Mandar Apte

I was going through the idea that how one of india’s popular television channel’s proprietary iOS App implementation will look like?

So I get started with designing normal brief & decided designing initial three iPad UI screens.

So Imaginary iOS App would require to showcase India’s most popular channel’s daily soap’s episode who they upload online daily & weekly, that same television channel produces several genres of television shows & main stream Hindi, regional language movies.

Screen 01: Home Screen

So First screen should be ‘Home’ screen where user will come across where he taps on iOS app icon, On top Television serials & Bollywood movie main two option will be displayed & sub options as a tab bar, below that with slider of videos & episodes featured per season at bottom.


Screen 02: Browse Shows

One of the main feature of the app where user can browse old & current i.e. recent shows as an search functionality. Screen uses split screen detailed view navigation, Tabs per genre at left & selected show with featured image, description, videos at right.


Screen 03: Individual Episode Page

Here is how user taps on particular show this UI will appear with showcasing selected single video.


Note: I know this is not study of complete Television Company’s iOS App but why not give try to imaginary App you have in you mind & you know how particular screen will look a like on iPad’s bigger screen size.

Thanks & Regards
Mandar Apte

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